Blog 2

Hello gamers! Today we’re going to educate you folks on the Entity-forces in our game. Our hero can use different entities as the game progresses, and these entities have different powers: Some of them have passive skills, which means that they stand by you and give you different buffs and active skills. For example, Vaena takes damage for you as their passive skill, and attacks the enemy with their massive sword as an active skill. Entities are based of real characters

Well, who is this “Vaena” entity? A short description follows.

Vaena is one of the guardian entities and they are the first one you will encounter on your journey. Vaena is based on Väinämöinen, a famous folklore character from the national epic poetry of Finland, Kalevala, written by Elias Lönnrot. He is originally a character by Mikael Agricola. Väinämöinen, a demigod, is pictured having a Finnish zither made of a pike skull which we incorporated in Vaena, as they have a pike skull mask on their face. They also use this big sword, inspired by this picture here, of Väinämöinen fighting Louhi(another character from Kalevala).

Figure 1Gallen-Kallela The defence of the Sampo Here we have some early concept art of Vaena:

And a newer version in 3D:

Hope you liked our little sneak peek to the world of entities! Until next time!

-Devoid Tomorrow Team

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Blog 1

Hello and welcome to our blog. We are a group of 7 people with an addition of one trainee and we began development of a small RPG as a school project this January. In this first post we’ll tell you about our progress so far, what the game is about and what is our goal this spring. 

So, our game is a post-apocalyptic RPG with low-poly graphics and turn-based battles. The story starts with our protagonist arriving to the weather beaten, disaster-struck industrial city and his goal is to survive the post-apocalyptic world and the challenges it throws on their way. There are many choices to make and entities to befriend, but on this we’ll elaborate on another time. 

We are using SCRUM(agile process framework). Our work progresses through “sprints”, and in the beginning of every sprint we decide what is our work contribution in this sprint (usually 2 weeks). Our Scrum-master distributes the workload by our roles which are: 

Product Owner, Scrum-Master, Audio designer, Artists, Programmers etc. 

We control our process with the help of Zenhub. During sprints we try our best to achieve these goals and at the end of every sprint we go through the goals met, the problems encountered and figure out ways to improve on our second sprint. 

This spring’s ultimate goal is to make a playable demo by 8th of May when we present our game to other groups and hopefully we get to continue this project through summer and even next semester. Right now we are in the middle of the 4th sprint. Stay tuned for future posts!